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For many business organisations and companies today, forklifts play a crucial role in their everyday operations. In that case, it is important to service your forklift every day regardless of whether it uses gas, diesel or electricity. Regular maintenance practices ensure that it remains safe and works to its full potential. 

As the saying goes, “prevention is cheaper than cure”. It is necessary to have scheduled maintenance services at all times, particularly your machine experiences heavy use or longer operating hours. It is through these regular checkups that you might discover small faults before they grow into bigger ones, and costing a fortune in repair costs and downtime. Additionally, you can ensure that it is functioning to its maximum efficiency and extending its working life.

Daily Checks

After using a forklift, whether it is after a shift or day, the forklift operator should conduct a simple checks to help identify any faults at an early stage. Some of the things to focus on include: 

  • checking the condition of the nuts/ wheel, tyre
  • checking the operation of the safety lights, parking brakes, horn, steering
  • inspecting for any leaks

carrying out daily inspections on a forklift

How Regularly Should You Service Your Forklift?

The frequency at which you should service your forklift hugely depends on some “logical” factors. They include:

The manufacturer's recommendations

Just like any other vehicles including cars, lorries and vans, a forklift has parts such as brakes, electrical systems, engine and steering. In the same spirit as vans, cars and lorries, you should service your forklift depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. 

By following the guide, all the components of the forklift such as lubricating oils will always be at the required levels and conditions. The rule of the thumb here is simple, the more the mileage of your forklift, the more you will have to repair it regularly as it becomes subject to wear and tear. 

side view of a samuk forklift

The age, condition and value of the forklift

The older the forklift, the more it is affected by wear and tear. Additionally, since forklifts are an asset to the business, the more valuable it is, the more you may need to service it and enhance its performance value. 

If you purchased a second-hand forklift, you will likely have to check it more frequently than a newer forklift. 

The nature of the environment/application

If your business demands more application of a forklift, you will need to service it more as well. Regular servicing sees to it that the forklift is safe for use and keep it from faster wear and tear.

Over the years, SFT Services Ltd have created bespoke maintenance schedules that are optimised to suit the application of your forklift. By following our schedules strictly, you can help increase the performance of your forklift, cut on repair costs and minimise downtime. 

You can find our professional forklift mechanics working within a 50-mile radius of Stowmarket. Feel free to contact us as soon as you feel that your forklift is not working as it should. Our engineers will be on site at the earliest opportunity to help restore normal operation.

If you require annual forklift truck servicing in Stowmarket and Suffolk contact us today. Call SFT Services Ltd today on 01449 763 375.